Buns on the Run

Buns on the Run is a new project aiming to teach people new skills, in this case, bread making! 

They have secured Awards For All funding to purchase a mobile oven on a trailer and other equipment. They aim to deliver 24 workshops between 01/04/2018 - 31/03/2019. The workshops will be free of charge, however, there will be limited places to each so need to book people in advance.

The project would really like to target a wide range of communities within the Barnsley area. There is are no age limitations or restrictions and the focus is on skills for life rather than education. This is one of the stipulations of the funding body.

They are fully mobile and can attend any event or location within the Barnsley area. They would also like to target a number of ethnic communities in order to share skills and cultural knowledge. The beauty of the program is that most nationalities can relate to a type of bread, so could have some very creative workshops!

If your organisation is interested in getting involved contact Vivienne on 07427 890567.


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