Introduction to Community Organising Certified Workshop

RotherFed are pleased to offer a FREE one day, inspiring workshop designed for anyone currently working in their community or looking to getting involved in social action.
This training will take place on Tuesday 20 February from 10am until 4pm at BarnsleyFed, The Resource Centre, Prospect Street, Barnsley, S70 2NR.
- This workshop will introduce you to the core foundations of Community Organising.
- Learn about genuine, effective listening which sparks conversations and explores motivation.
- Begin to understand power in the community and how to motivate people to take effective action.
- Discover ways to address common concerns and build on strengths.
- Join us for an engaging, fun, interactive and informative day.
To book a place please contact Victoria on 07983 508466 or email
For further information please call Vickie on 01709 368515 or email


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