Free Call blocking scheme for people with dementia

People living with dementia will be offered the opportunity to block nuisance callers under a new trading standards scheme.

In partnership with South Yorkshire Police’s community safety department, the scheme, used by Trading Standards across the country, will give families who have loved ones living with dementia the chance to block nuisance callers. Andy Foster, from the force’s Community Safety Department, said: “This nuisance call blocker function is designed to protect vulnerable people who are living with dementia from scam and nuisance calls.

“It will hopefully also offer some reassurance to people who have relatives or friends living with dementia that they are not vulnerable to such scams or nuisance calls. “To qualify for the scheme, the person must have a dementia related illness and receive nuisance calls on a reasonably regular basis. “It’s definitely a worthwhile scheme and I’d encourage people to find out more information by visiting

“Members of the public from anywhere in South Yorkshire with family members who have a dementia related illness and receive nuisance calls may qualify for a free True Call telephone call blocking device."

People can apply directly to the National Trading Standards Scams Team for units, the page is  


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