Energise Barnsley Fund

Energise Barnsley is dedicated to fuel poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and supporting vulnerable people living in the region.
Individuals and organisations from the Barnsley area can apply. Proposals must meet all of the following criteria in order to be eligible for consideration:
- The proposal aligns with at least one of the aims of the Society
- The amount of the funding requested is at least £100.
- The funds are being used for the benefit of the local community to meet a demonstrable local need.
- There is a defined impact from the use of the funds.
Projects will be delivered within the Barnsley region for the benefit of its residents.
The original closing date was 15th November, but this has now been extended to 15th December.
To find out more and to apply see http://www.energisebarnsley.co.uk/our-community/



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