Tesco Bags of Help Grant Information Session

The Tesco Bags of Help Grant Information Session will be delivered by Lizzie Joyce, Community Enabler on the Tesco Bags of Help project at Hoyland Library on Tuesday 2 May at 10am.

Tesco Bags of Help projects must meet the criteria of bringing benefits to the community. The types of projects funded are now very broad, encompassing both indoor and outdoor projects. This information session will give you an overview of the Tesco Bags of Help Grants Programme and give applicants insight on how to prepare a competitive application. Applicants will get their questions answered during a Q&A. This session will last approx 1 hour. 

This event is FREE. To register for this event, please contact Lizzie Joyce  - Tel: 0114 263 6428 or Email: Lizzie.Joyce@groundwork.org.uk


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