Destination Barnsley Festival

Destination Barnsley is a multi-cultural festival which will be taking place in Barnsley on Sunday 24th September at Shaw Lane Sports Club.

The festival has been planned by the Barnsley Together Forum for Race Equality, in partnership with the Council, Voluntary Action Barnsley (VAB), Red Cross, Refugee Council and the Polish Library, amongst others.

The aim of the festival is celebrate the talent and contributions made by new arrivals and diverse communities in Barnsley, and in particular, what we can create together.

The festival hopes to attract people of all ages, from a wide variety of communities in Barnsley, including migrant workers, refugees, asylum seekers, more settled diverse communities and, UK Barnsley residents.

There will be a number of stalls and activities including live music, football, arts, face-painting, circus skills, Lego workshop, and food from around the world.

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