What is Love Where You Live?
Love Where You Live is all about inspiring us all to think about where we live and finding ways to transform and make it a place we can all take pride in now and in the future.
Is it in my area?
Love Where You Live is taking place across the whole of Barnsley. No matter where you live you will be able to get involved.
Who is involved?
Everyone is invited to get involved in Love Where You Live, whether you are 1 or 100.
Do I need to get involved?
There are lots of things that affect how we feel about where we live; how it looks, what there is to do there, how safe we feel and addressing all these different areas isn’t something that we can do alone, we need your help.
You don’t have to get involved in Love Where You Live but it will be more successful if you do.
How do I get involved?
Like us on Facebook  or follow us on Twitter @LWYLBarnsley  Use the hashtag #lovebarnsley
You can also register to take part in Love Where You Live activities and play an active role in improving where you live.
If you would like to volunteer just look at our Events Calendar and choose an activity you would like to be part of. All contact details for events can be found on the listing.